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1.    Description of Course & Scheme of Study

This will be a 26-week certificate program.

  1. Blended learning (2 weeks duration): This methodology comprises of prerecorded video lectures by foreign experts and interactive online teaching sessions.
  2. 24-week self-study model with once a week interactive session of 2 hours: Online learning of 24 weeks will be conducted via NUMS digital e-learning portal, accessible to faculty and participants through their personal accounts.


2.    Curriculum Outline:

The basics and advance management of palliative care will be divided into 4 modules.

  1. Introduction to Palliative Care
  2. Ethical issues at the end of life
  3. Public health and palliative care
  4. Symptom management


This certificate program is of 12 credit hours; details are given in the table below.



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