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NUMS Post-Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care Program



The NUMS PG- Certificate in Palliative Care is designed to develop knowledge, skills and confidence of Health care professionals to care for patients and their families who have life limiting illnesses. The course is designed for a variety of registered adult healthcare professionals within primary and secondary care. It will contribute to and enhance abilities of Health care professionals to lead and drive clinically effective care with patients having advanced disease.


Vision and Mission:

To improve the capabilities of health care providers to deliver compassionate palliative care for patients living with a life-limiting illness and their families, through physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and social support.

To work towards specialist palliative care service with guidelines based on experience of various existing services in Pakistan and UK which would consist of:

  • Prepare guidelines/pathways for end of life care for medical staff and care- givers.
  • Provide education and training to local and national health care professionals interested in palliative care.