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NUMS Post-Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care (PG-CPC)


Learning Objectives & Program Outline



Module 1: Introduction to Palliative Care


Learning Objectives: At the end of this module, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify the concept of palliative care and its role in management of illness
  • Apply the principles of palliative care to manage pain by pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches
  • Understand the challenges of breaking bad news
  • Recognize factors contributing to the prognosis of various life limiting illnesses, recognize EOL and trajectory events referred to as actively dying or imminent death
  • Define code status and understand principles of DNA CPR
  • Making the decisions about commencing an end of life care plan.

Course 1

Course breakdown







Introduction to Palliative Care

Palliative Care

  • Range of patients and needs in Palliative Care
    • Settings: home/hospital/home/hospice
    • Pain control


Week 1

Introduction to Palliative Care, Palliative History and Examination

Humaira Jamal


Week 2

Communication skills, Breaking Bad news (Part 1 and Part 2)

Shagufta Mirza

Khalique Rehman


Week 3

Cancer Pain Management

Adnan Kabir

Advanced Pain Management

Mohammad Butt

Palliative Oncology

Mohammad Butt

Experience of the end of life

  • DNA/CPR & ceilings of care.
  • Coping with seeing patients close to the end of life and at death

30th dec-5th jan 2023

Week 4

Care of the dying

Adnan Kabir

Elisabeth Bjorndal

6th jan-12th jan

Week 5

End of Life Care

Mohammad Butt

How Long I have got Doc?

Humaira Jamal




Module 2: Ethical issues at the end of life


Learning Objectives: At the end of this module, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the ethical issues towards the end of life and relevant choice of treatments
  • Understand the Golden standard framework and its relevance to local practices, principles of peri-death care with cultural sensitivities
  • Provide and verify a death certificate
  • Inform relatives with empathy, referral to coroner/funeral services according to local rules
  • Recognize stages of grief and depression
  • Look after oneself, practice resilience and guide carers
  • Navigate through the difficult journey


Course Code / Course Title

Course breakdown







Ethical issues at the end of life

Ethics in palliative care

  • Ethical and legal principles (with Clinical Ethics and Law)
  • Difficult cases, euthanasia, assisted suicide
  • Artificial nutrition and hydration

13th January-19 january

Week 6

Ethical Issues

Iqtedar Muazzam

Gold standard Framework

Liz Dorey

20th January-26th january

Week 7

Advanced Care Planning

Mohammad Butt

Nutrition and hydration at EOL

Maimona Ali

Bereavement Symposium

  • Morbidity and mortality of bereavement
  • Models of grief
  • Caring for the bereaved in practice
  • Self-care

27th January-2 February

Week 8

Bereavement and Grief

Mohammad Saeed

Care of the carers

Abid Raza

3rd Feb-9th feb

Week 9


Mohammad Butt

Well-being and Resilience

Farhan Zahid Khawaja

Care after Death

  • Conversations with relatives after death
  • Interview with Funeral
  • Director
  • Visit to hospital mortuary
  • Religious and cultural issues
  • Death verification, death certification and cremation certificates

10th-16th feb

Week 10

Death verification, death certification and cremation certificates

Fawad Ahmad

Post Death Conversation

Sadaf Muddassar

17th feb-23rd feb

Week 11

Religious and Cultural issues

Mohammad Butt

MCQ Assessment



Module 3: Public Health Aspects


Learning Objectives: At the end of this module, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the relevance of health inequalities and its impact on provision of healthcare.
  • Integrate palliative care in cancer and other major long-term illness and how to integrate palliative care in those areas.
  • Understand issues related to pediatric long term illnesses.

Course Code / Course Title

Course breakdown







Public Health Aspects in

Public health and palliative care

  • POD stats and inequalities.
  • PPOD

24 feb - 2nd march

Week 12

Public Health and Palliative care

Mohammad Butt


Mohammad Butt

3rd march-9th march

Week 13

Public Health inequalities

Mohammad Butt

Living with uncertainty in non-cancer long-term illness

10th march-16th march

Week 14


Tayyaba Irshad

17th march-23rd march

Week 15


Dr. Waqas Ali

24th march-30th march

Week 16

Heart Failure

Mohammad Butt

Dyspnoea/ Breathlessness

Noori Rafique

Pediatric & Adolescent Palliative Care

31st march-6th april

Week 17

Palliative care for The Adolescent and Young

Farhan Zahid Khawaja

Paediatric PC

Sobia Bilal



Module 4: Symptom Management


Learning Objectives: At the end of this module, the participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and manage emergencies in palliative care, including Major hemorrhage, Hypercalcemia, Superior vena cava obstruction, Spinal cord compression, Bone fractures Anxiety/panic, and Seizures
  • Develop an understanding of the principles of symptom assessment by history taking and identifying different types of symptoms taking into account the perspectives of individual patients




Course Code / Course Title

Course breakdown







Symptom Management

In palliative care


  • G.I symptoms
  • Pain management
  • Emergency management

7th april-13th april

Week 18

Palliative Care in ER

Palwasha Khan

Nausea and Vomiting

Naheed Khan Lodhi

Constipation and Palliative care

Naheed Khan Lodhi


Ramadan /eid ul fitr break 14th april-27th april

28th april-4th may

Week 19

Management of seizure

Waqas Ilyas


M. Muneeb Khan

5th may- 11th may

Week 20

Gastrointestinal Symptoms in PC

Mateen Akhtar


Ilyas Mansoori

12th may-18th may

Week 21

Palliative Radiotherapy-mSCC, Brain and Bone Metastasis

Tanzeel Khalid Janjua

Drug Conversions

Mamoona Ali

19th may -25th may

Week 22

Principles of Chemotherapy and Toxicity management

Sohail Amin

Extravasation management

Waqas Ilyas

26th may -1stjun

Week 23

Orphan symptoms

Maimoona Ali

Complimentary Therapies

Farhan Zahid Khawaja

Confusion and Affective States in Palliative Care

  • Confusion and delirium.
  • Anxiety/depression/ appropriate sadness

2nd june -8th jun

Week 24

Mental Health

Amer Mukhtar

Confusion and restlessness

Mohammad Butt

Final Assessment including all 4 courses

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